When Two Become One

Greetings friends! Have I got some great news for you today!

For a limited time of today only, when you order, you’ll receive not only one, but two!…

Wait… Sorry… That wasn’t it.

Ready for the real news?

Are you sure?

I’ll give you a moment to get properly stoked…

Hums the Jeopardy tune

Is it time yet?

It is!

Drum roll

I am incredibly proud to announce that the forces of Children of Ur and Eleven are coming together at last!

I know there’s been a lot of questions as to why there have always been multiple projects, and, for a long time, we felt we had good reasons. Eleven was focusing on only filling in the gaps that Tiny Speck left for us, while CoU were working to rebuild everything from the ground up.

Over the years, both teams have had varying levels of success in their separate approaches, but it’s recently become clear to all involved that if we want to keep this effort moving forward towards the future, we should join our forces together and come up with a new, consolidated approach.

Going forward, we’re going to try and take some of the best parts of both of our approaches and marry them together. As you all likely know, Flash has been on a slow death march for years and has finally been given much more firm timelines for it’s demise. While Eleven’s current setup would be greatly impacted by this, CoU has a Dart based client that would not. This puts us in a good position to see how well the separate pieces can play together and set up a good plan to move away from Flash forever.

While we’re still working out some further details of how this merging will impact things, here are a few points we’ve discussed internally.

  • The current CoU team is coming on board with the Eleven team setup. While the game will be Eleven, we’re looking into options on how to honor the names of both teams in other respects.
  • The CoU game will live on for now, but will roll off back to the realms of imagination eventually. Details for that will be announced when plans are made.
  • Eleven has been traditionally focused on bringing Glitch back the way it was. This was never meant to be a permanent thing, just, until we got things working. Going forward, we’re going to start looking into new ideas. This means new features and new stories that we’re hoping to incorporate in to the game!
  • Ideas!!! We’ve got a ton! It may take some time, but a few of the bigger ones that we’re talking about revolve around how skills are learned and implementing a new approach to the auction feature.
  • And here’s the one that you’ll all be most excited for, our current primary goal is to open the doors to more of you, our friends! Some recent updates to our server along with additional administrative functionality provided by the recent website overhaul have brought us really close to this goal. We’re currently discussing plans on how we can further stress test the game to determine what extra steps we may need to get there.

Who’s excited for these prospects and has two thumbs? This guy!

As always, keep tuned here and on our social media outlets for updates (including the CoU ones while we’re integrating).


40 thoughts on “When Two Become One”

  1. *kermit arms*
    *pepe hands*

    ooh ooh ooh, me, me! i’m excited!

    and if you ever need someone who loved glitch and has a lot of free time who also enjoys repetitive tasks and is good at note taking…jerk nugget is here for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly and so excited my little Glitchen heart is palpating in anticipation of great things to come.. the sooner the better!

    1. I like Eleven Children – it honors the Giants who dreamed us into being, while looking towards the future.

      (On a much more personal note: I’m dealing with some fairly major emotional upheaval in my life right now. Glitch was there for me six years ago when my husband had a sudden stroke; getting this news from the land of Ur today gives me hope on a lot of levels.)

    2. Eleven Children makes no sense. The story revolves around the 11 Giants. Better would be to call the game “Eleven” with a subtitle “and the Children of Ur”.

  3. WONDERFUL NEWS !!! I’m currently an Alpha on Eleven and I am so darned excited! I know Eleven has been fabulous! I hope the current Alpha’s will continue to test. VERY excited to see more players come into the testing as well. God Bless ALL. Best GAME in this world!

  4. That’s absolutely fantabulous news!! I’m ready to sign up anytime!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  5. I’d love to help test. I’m signed up with CoU but not with Eleven. I was with Glitch since the demise of Faunasphere

  6. Will we get to keep things acquired or will it be like the Great Reset? If we are in CofU, will we automatically be able for the merge?

    Also- totally available for testing!!! Lovenlife

    Thank you!!! (And secretly loving Eleven Children)

  7. Great! Both Groups have great ideas and together the Game could be better than ever. I look forward to what may come and, I so appreciate the efforts of both groups for working to bring this great game back to us. Thank You!

  8. So so exciting…A big thank you to all involved for all you have done and all you still have to do…my glitchen heart is beating fast..

  9. Congratulations! I look forward to an even better, more Fun game. Both teams have done great work so far and now it can only get better. I am wishing the best for all involved. Thank You!

  10. This is wonderful, so happy. I joined C of U when it started but have not been very reliable because I have been alpha testing Eleven for such a long time now. I was concerned about the death of Flash, but now I am sure you super devs will sort something out for us! Hooray!!

  11. Stupid excited! I’ve missed the old Glitch so much, and C of U was enough to keep the light going. I can’t wait to see what you do together!

  12. With this game be more inclusive of players like CoU or will it exclude all but a chosen few – like Eleven?

      1. i agree – i hesitated to leave a similar comment initially because i felt bad but, it’s the truth, and i don’t think speaking the truth is a bad thing. and after talking with a few people in the CofU global chat, i know we are not alone in feeling this way.

        my *hope* is that CofU will bring to the table not only their skills and resources, but also the ability for more of us to join in, and sooner. my *fear* is that once the merger happens, CofU will be no more, and we still won’t get to play this other game, and we’ll be left with nothing for years on end with little but a “we’re working on it” message once in a blue moon.

        i totally understand that this is a volunteer based effort and a labor of love, by people who have jobs and lives and whatnot, and that this is no small undertaking. however, i think we’ve been (and continue to be) really, really patient XD

        i really hope this merger results in the best of both worlds and not the worst. my fingers are crossed!

        1. If the blog post wasn’t clear enough, CoU will not go away until Eleven is open to everyone. There is no “select few”. There are a few *hundred* with access. And because of the complications of reverse engineering work that is not our own, we could not throw open the doors for all the reasons you mentioned in your comment.

          1. not asking for any doors to be thrown open willy nilly πŸ™‚ i also don’t think sarah meant a literal “few” as in three people, although i of course can’t speak for her. but by comparison to CofU, eleven *is* only open to a select group, which i believe is what she was getting at, and certainly what i was alluding to.

            in any case, thank you muchly for the clarification – at current the blog post only says “The CoU game will live on for now, but will roll off back to the realms of imagination eventually.” so it wasn’t clear when exactly that would be or how that would work. i definitely feel better knowing that won’t happen until there’s another place for us to move into, and that the doors will be open to more of us. onwards and upwards!

  13. Sounds like a great plan KA! I hope it all works out for you and the COU team. Will be great to have everyone back in game again one of these days! πŸ™‚ Wishing the team well and positive thoughts for a great merger.

  14. I have just found this phenomenon; sadly, the End of Days grieved me so that I developed a massive flinch reaction to anything Glitch-related. I am ready to have hope now that someday a flying amphibian will deliver me an invitation to come (almost) home again. THANK YOU to all the people who (unlike me) did not just curl up into a small heartbroken purple ball and go into hibernation. (wanders off to play “Waterfall for Conch” on the recorder sixty-seven times)

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