Dragon Con(test)

Going to Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia this year?  So am I!  Well, a small part of it…

Want access to the Alpha AND going to Dragon Con?  Hmm… maybe we can work something out.

Here’s the deal:

I’ll be at Dragon Con Friday, from around lunch to dinner time, and then I’ll be watching the parade on Saturday.  During those times, if you happen to find me wandering around in my Eleven t-shirt, I’ll be giving the first 5 (or so) people access to the Alpha!

Already in the Alpha?  Still come and find me, I might be able to hook you up with something too (after the con).

I’ll update this post with a picture of the t-shirt before the con, and I’ll try to post some updates to twitter during the event (@ElevenKaiyon and @ElevenGiantsMMO).

5 thoughts on “Dragon Con(test)”

  1. I so wish I could be there! I live in South Georgia but I am not capable of traveling now so I will miss Dragoncon”. Lucky I am in Alpha! Have a great time, take photos and I hope that you meet some Glitchen while there!

  2. Oh, how I wish I were in the U.S. instead of the UK… Would so love to wander the streets again! Good luck anyone going along, hope you get in!!

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