ZzzzzZZzzZzzzzz…. Huh! WHAT!?!

Oh crap!!!

*rubs eyes*

I swear it was just supposed to be a short nap…

Oh well. Here I am!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. As you all know, this project is volunteer based, so, when none of our volunteers have free time to work, things slow down…

That said, there are a few things that we’ve had in the works for a while that we’re planning on/have rolled out.

Item the first: We just rolled out v0.2.13 of the game server on our alpha system. This update includes some changes that we’re hoping will help stabilize the game to make it easier for us to handle a larger load.

Thing number 2: The website is getting an overhaul! I’m hoping to roll this out in the next week or so (issue and time permitting, of course), but we’re upgrading to a newer web framework and have added a lot more useful administrative features to make our lives as devs/admins (and that of the players by extension) easier. We’re going to be rolling out a new set of “God” pages (the main admin pages that help manage both in and out of game content) along with access to different versions of the game client to allow better admin control as well.

I’ll update soon in regards to the web page updates!


15 thoughts on “ZzzzzZZzzZzzzzz…. Huh! WHAT!?!”

  1. cant wait for this game, so glad you guys are still working on this. Would be glad to donate if you guys could use the $

  2. So excited to see this happening!! making my life right now!!! <3 I second the earlier statement – I would happily chip in some patreon for this project.

  3. is this still an active project? glitch was the first real game i ever played and id love to play something like it again.

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