A wild list appears!

Hello everyone!

We have a list for you to register your interest in the Alpha, at last! It is time to entertain a wider audience of Glitchen.

First, you MUST have an account on our website.ย  Without it, game access cannot be granted, and your request will be deprioritized until we can reach out to you for more information. We will work on making this more efficient, but it just hasn’t been able to be a priority.

Signing up does not guarantee immediate access; but the plan is to add a batch (10-15?) of folks every few days so we can generate some regular activity in the game.ย  This will allow us to estimate our hardware needs to accommodate a large population of players.

Any questions, concerns, and general enthusiasm can be posted on our forum!

Without further ado, click this link to register your interest!

26 thoughts on “A wild list appears!”

    1. Whatever name you desire – best if you change your name before getting access to the game, until such time we figure out a way to update the database without much fuss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. This is AWESOME – so glad i can recreate even a little bit of my old glitchen – and eagerly await news of alpha testing status

  2. Hello Glitches, (waving wildly) I hope I am still on the list, I am calmly waiting for an invite <3 Miss You All!…. M3

  3. I do not do social media. google+ is no longer supported and for some reason I can’t get my email to send. Oh well

  4. For people coming in and wondering if this project is dead: it’s not, it’s just that the entire engine was in Flash player and they lost a ton of stuff (so say posts in the forums). Also they’re having trouble keeping progress because new people keep coming onboard and then getting busy with life and ditching the project ๐Ÿ˜” The core group is still trying, though!

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