Want to help?

Do you know JavaScript?

How about JSON?

Willing to learn some new stuff too?

Did you love Glitch so much you would be glad to devote some of your free time towards bringing it’s amazing world back to life?

If so, then you’re in luck! While we’ve got a great group of coders plugging away at all the pluggy away…eey things, in order to bring the world of Ur back to it’s previous glory at a faster pace, we could use some more skilled individuals to help along with the process.

Edit:  While the enthusiasm of the Glitch loving masses is amazing, I just want to clarify a bit more specifically what we’re looking for with regards to help currently.  If the following points apply to you, you might have the skills needed to help contribute.

  • A working understanding of JavaScript Prototypical Inheritance.
  • A thorough understanding of JavaScript variable scope including use of closures.  Also, why is `function f() { g = 1; }` bad?
  • You know the difference between ‘==’ and ‘===’ in javascript why one is preferred over the other.

If you don’t think you fit this, don’t stress though, we’ll keep any opportunities to help out posted here on our blog, so keep watching.

Interested? Send a message to slack@elevengiants.com and a yoga frog will have it delivered to me in a jiffy.

5 thoughts on “Want to help?”

  1. I don’t know coding either. I am not computer illiterate though. LOVED Glitch and would love to help in whatever way I can.

  2. I am very creative. I am not a programmer, but I would love to learn anything. I am at home all day and night and nothing would make me happier if I can do something towards this project! Just give me a project….teach me anything….I will be willing to do grunt work to weed out things etc. Mostly I can design things….creative. Please don’t hesitate to call on me.
    Thanks so much,
    Crumpet (on Glitch)
    Carole Beck

  3. Just lending a little “creative support”..I am a Glitch finder, believe me when I say if there is a glitch in something I will fall over it.,,that is a reality glitch.
    Since the only word I understood in what you are looking for is Java (when it runs a download) I am sure you don’t need my help at this moment..but ready, willing and wishing I could help.

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