Still here!

Hey everyone! I realize it has been quiet this month. Our team members have had lots of real life obstacles to contend with, including new jobs, moving, and final exams. We have been making some progress in the webapp, authentication, god pages, and server code. Nearly everyone will be back to work around mid-May though! I am very excited to be able to focus on Eleven full-time again soon, as is the rest of the team!

Keep imagining the future with us!

8 thoughts on “Still here!”

  1. yeah! What is the success of keeping it up and running this time-popularity, social, monetization like Farmville? I hope there will be an Editor to make your own places- I never knew that was a feature in the old game.

  2. I’m needing to change my email address. I’m hoping I can figure it out on here somewhere. Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this thread.

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