A small peek into Ur

It’s been many months since we’ve been able to show off some basic gameplay, but we’d like to change that. We have a few videos planned for you all, so get ready! What I’d like to demonstrate to you today is how many higher-level things are happening in the background at the moment.

You’ll notice some weirdness which we will of course be attending to. Those poor street spirits will be dressed up properly very soon. If you missed Aroha’s tweet, we put a temporary room in the game for the locations we don’t have yet; this cut out a good number of errors so we can focus on the ones we need to fix. There’s some visual “noise” that’s from the god-client, like all those tooltips and things highlighting as I walked past them. (Or did that happen before? I forget!)

Anyway, without further ado:

A note on the achievements happening back to back: Glitch counted everything. I have been astounded looking through this code to see how much counting occurs. When we set up our player data for testing, by default we made them level 26 with some currants and iMG…the game just has a bit of difficulty parsing that with the fact that we didn’t earn them. Picking up a currant forces it to count, and it goes “yay, you have so much money!” and fires off all the relevant achievements.  Don’t worry, we’ll be starting from scratch when the time comes just like everyone else!

34 thoughts on “A small peek into Ur”

  1. The highlighting totally happened before (I think.) It looks normal to me, at least. It lets you know when, if you’re playing keyboard only, you can hit enter to open the menu for an item.

  2. Wait, I have a question. Are you guys making home streets? Because I’ve never seen the old Alpha houses, and I really would like to. Although I understand if home streets are better, the decorating is very nice.

    1. Yes, home streets are coming back, and will be the subject of a new video soon. We would like to use the old housing too, and we are kicking around a few ideas to make them happen. There’s plenty of scope for both, which is fantastic!

  3. Wow, you guys are awesome! The game looks more and more like the one we know and love 🙂
    Just out of curiosity, why do some streets have a small pig/butterfly/chicken image somewhere in the background?

    1. Those are unconfigured animal spawners. They are invisible to the player, but it’s a marker that says where they should start spawning. We will be configuring those soon! That’s some of that god client visual “noise” I was referring to in the post. 🙂

  4. Wait are you guys going to have “credits”? Because I really don’t like them… I would rather use Currants for buying things universally.

    1. We haven’t discussed how we will handle the former premium features yet. All our braincells are going towards getting a working game first!

  5. Absolutely incredible. I can’t believe it. I always knew that Glitch was home to some ridiculously brilliant individuals, but I don’t think I ever expected to see such a true-to-form resurrection. I will be anxiously awaiting any updates that you all have in store!

  6. It should be like the old system where they gave you enough credits to make just one outfit from the premiums and if you wanted more you would have to buy credits ect….

  7. Decided to copy this idea from my post on Youtube and post it here for an idea since you are looking at wanting to combine the old and new housing systems:

    Maybe you can combine the two by having us get our own streets and housing and having a sign in Buckward Vale ect…. that labels people’s street by street ID in order that they make it (ex: consists of streets 30-50 and a 51-70 tab and so on.) So it will in essence combine the old and modern system and if an individual does not want anyone on their street they can pick and option to have their street be unlisted. This is merely an idea though. I know I would love to play Kassutera soon :)

  8. I am so excited! Will you guys be implementing any of the idea that were in development, such as the temples? Of course the main game is the effort at the minute, and you guys are doing an absolutely awesome job. Keep it up! Yaaay 🙂

  9. This is indescribably great! Thank you so much – to all involved – for your efforts. We ARE watching – and waiting.

    Now, shut up and Take My Money!

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