A few cooperative things!

Short little video for you guys today demonstrating some cooperation, rather than solo gameplay. Varaeth and I wanted to show you a few new two-person things that have begun to work since we’ve been working on the game. We showed you back in March that collaborative mining was working, but quoin sharding was not. Trading, transcendental radiation and even partying also work again. The party space is full of unconfigured spawners and teleport markers.

(Pardon the overall lack of polish in this video…we started to film it, then I had to reset the server for other reasons, which of course meant we both forgot to grab a quoin to get those badges out of the way. The reason it takes Varaeth so long to join me when we dive into the pool is because he was getting his badges and had a little lag on his end…

TL;DR: staging can be harder than you think when you’re still building a gameserver!)

12 thoughts on “A few cooperative things!”

    1. Omg me too! I am pretty decent at finding bugs on beta servers. Heck I find bugs on live game servers from other games I play. I like to say the bugs find me and not me finding the bugs lol.

  1. Can’t wait to play, can’t wait to pay! I want to help keep your game going for a l-o-o-o-ng time! Absolutely amazing work!

  2. I can’t wait for this game to be up and running! I have an insatiable desire to play, I’ll end up forgoing all other PC games I play to reside solely here, where I belong.

  3. I was Talaria Wingfoot in the Civility group. The hallmark of a GREAT game is that years after it closed down, former players still long for it’s return. I’m norsegodofmischief in the Farewell Transmission clan on Kingdom of Loathing, and quite a few Glitchers migrated there after Glitch closed. We’re all waiting and hoping that Elevengliants succeeds and will definitely be back whenever the game is ready!

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