Running the Routes

I know the resource routes were a bit of a polarizing game feature.  Most people either loved or hated it.  Well, here’s a quick video showing a short one in action!

A couple quick notes:

  • We only have the one street template to work with at the moment which I tried to piece together from a full street snap of one of the old ones.  We’re working with TS to see if we can get access to the original templates.
  • Butler motion is still a little buggy.  Most of them are standing still next to the house, but one of them (the one on my street) is stuck in front of my tower.


9 thoughts on “Running the Routes”

  1. I loved the website that took the work out of managing the routes (thank you again BoomAndBust and gruel a for making that happen so spectacularly, as well as the alternate architecture that tis and Lx worked out. I’d love love love to see these integrated better so that no one has to actively manage them!

  2. Glad to see you pointed to routes as polarizing. I was in the “don’t like” camp, but it’s still great to see the progress. I think this project is in good hands.

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