We need your help!

Yes, it’s this time of the year again. I know many of you have been playing with Joey’s awesome new Vanity and Wardrobe page. As you will have noticed, we are still missing quite a few things on that page; while we got all of the assets and the categories (like shirt or hat) from TinySpeck, we’re missing all names, descriptions and tags of all the wardrobe items.

This is where you come in: we built a little website so you, the community, can help us in getting all the funny names and whimsical descriptions back.

The Eleven Wardrobe Namerizer

Do you remember some names from all the time you used to spend in the Wardrobe to dress up your Glitchen? Perfect! Do you even have screenshots which show original names or descriptions? Even better.

For the creative among you: you think you have the one and only Glitchy description for the “Polka Dot Bikini Bottom”? Or a great idea what the “Steeltoe Boots” should actually be named? Go ahead and add it.

Have you ever wanted to look less strange sitting in the grass and munching on carrots?

Have you ever wanted to look less strange sitting in the grass and munching on carrots?

However, even if you (like me) don’t remember anything, don’t have any screenshots and aren’t the creative type – we still need your help! Vote for the suggestions others have made. Help us tag everything, so we can create more comfortable ways for you to search and navigate the wardrobe pages.

You will find instructions and a few guidelines on the startpage of the Namerizer. If you have any questions or feedback please post them in the comments section here.

Happy Namerizing!

12 thoughts on “We need your help!”

    1. Of course you would say something like that ;P I should have asked you first. And while this doesn’t have the descriptions or tags we need, it shows most of the names (some are cut off because they’re too long). If you guys think it’d be helpful, I can link them on the startpage or from within the Namerizer.

    1. @K`shandra: Couly you please tell me what browser (+version) you’re using on what device/operating system? I have tried a few and I can’t seem to reproduce the problem you’re describing.

  1. The first time I played with the namerizer, I was seeing other user’s name suggestions and tags, but those have disappeared. Even when I get items that I’ve seen before, they don’t show up with the names, tags, or descriptions that I put in. Should I be able to see those?

    (I’m using Firefox on a Mac.)

    1. @ellen_fremedom: I just had a friend test it with Firefox on a Mac and it seems to work just fine. Do you have any alternative browser you could try?
      Also: JavaScript has to be enabled for this to work.
      Also also: As long as you accept cookies (and don’t delete them) you shouldn’t see any item again, that you have already voted on.

      1. Safari seems to be showing everything. I have no idea why Firefox isn’t; I’ve got cookies and Java enabled.

        I hope my votes, descriptions, etc., were actually going through.

        1. It seems to be a cache issue. I hit a point on Safari where I started getting repeats, but clearing the cache seems to have brought back other users’ suggestions.

  2. I’m having an issue with the Namerizer. In Chrome, tags appear twice and the name suggestions look like they belong to different items (although this could be just someone playing around). Here’s a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Ee927vv.png
    In Firefox, I get the tags in triplicates, but the name suggestions seem to work fine.

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