9 thoughts on “Visvedevas Divergence (Jal)”

  1. Yay! Thank you 🙂 Every screenshot makes me feel like Glitch is coming back to life, bit by bit.
    I have a question though, in the last blog post you were talking about sleeping and stuff? Just wondering what that was about. Is it like when you take a break from Glitch but you leave it open you go to that street?

  2. Oh I have another question (Sorry for continually spamming you) but how much of the world do you have up? Just a couple streets or what? Haha sorry for bothering you! I am just so excited about Eleven.

    1. Most of Ur is accessible right now, but the assets on the streets are still being set up and tweaked visually while the code to make it all work is being worked on.

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