Testing… Testing…1, 2, 3, Testing…

Is this thing on?

Ah, good, it is.

Well, as I’m sure you all know (you do, right?) we’ve let a small group of 13 people into the game to start playing around and testing.  This has been a great success, with many improvements being made to help improve the stability and experience while some other work is ongoing in order to bring over some more features.  Thanks in no small part to these improvements, we’re bringing in another small (but bigger!) group to help with the process.

How’s 18 sound, making a total of 31 alpha testers?  We’ve already picked those new people and let them know.  If you weren’t part of the group this time, just hang tight while we tighten things up more.

And now for some feedback from our testers (They provided a lot of material for this part, but in the interest of not facing TLDR issues, I picked out a few comments.  They can yell at me later.):

“I feel at home and the nostalgia is overwhelming!”

“Incredible!! I didn’t expect it to be identical to Glitch which it is.”

“(S)ome days there are no new bugs(yay) and other days there are quite a few, and often they cause reloads but it’s all part of the process.”

“It’s good to be there, to almost feel the heart of the Giants. Just like if I went through a portal that brought me in Ur a few glitch-years after the events that put an end on Ur. Back in a broken but fixable world, because we have the technology, we can repair it. A bit of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, if you have the imagination.”

“Things that arent working yet, npc, and emblems, and such. I can’t do basic quests without simple ingredients like butterfly milk and grain.” (Regarding what’s annoying)

“Default Glitchen æsthetics. Bare, bald, grey, and not being naked. Generic! Although we could be wireframed. Generic might be good then, the pants are superfluous.” (Regarding what’s annoying)


48 thoughts on “Testing… Testing…1, 2, 3, Testing…”

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO congrats, guys, it looks like you have done a fantastic job!!! So excited!!!!

  2. Is there a way to get considered for the beta? Once I saw the alpha comments I nearly cried. I can’t wait to return to Ur.

  3. So pleased to hear you are steaming ahead,can’t wait to get into the game again..Thank you for all your hard work..

  4. 18 more testers? Too bad that adding a prime to a prime does not yield a prime (with the exception of twin primes, where one of the primes is 2 🙂

  5. Holy crap so exciting, I’m freaking out right now xD. I loved glitch so much when I played it, and there have been a couple of attempts to re-create it using the downloadable content… but they seriously fall short in comparison to what you’ve shown on your youtube channel… wow, watching it was so amazing, like we can finally return home after three years xD Please keep it up guys, everyone’s so excited!!!!

  6. Tears just came to my eyes I just squeed so loud I scared my kitties. I. Am. So. Excited. Did I mention how excited I am? Well, I am. Excited, I mean.

  7. All of the memories i’ve had with Glitch makes me awe and weep at the same time. I loved cooking Meat Tetrazzini, it was the most difficult recipe to make. I love the giant of Pot, I still do. Uncle Friendlies.. the auction frog.. I miss you all.

    Please bring it back soon :<

  8. i want to join the alpha testing or beta testing so bad. i did for the glitch game and i played the game day and night,love it so much

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